It seems like ages since I’d run with both Iverene and Bronagh so it was good to get out for a quick Friday night trot with them.

My training plan had this scheduled as a four-mile progressive run, whereas they were only wanting to do three miles, so I went out and did a mile before they turned up.

That done we then set off towards the industrial estate via the opposite direction. I knew a loop from my house round there and back along the dual carriageway would work out at almost three miles exactly.

The only drawback was that most of it was on an incline, not a big one but still noticeable.

Because my run was progressive I knew I had to make my second mile quicker than the first. It was, but only just … by four seconds. It still counts though!

Thankfully the third mile was 17 seconds quicker, and the final one another 24 seconds faster again. What was pleasing was that whilst I was conscious of progressively increasing my tempo never, at any point, did I feel under pressure. Indeed, I was able to comfortably hold a conversation all the way round.

All told, a little morale boosting run … and that’s never a bad thing.

Relive my run

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