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Ouch, ouch, ouch

After having not run since coming back from Dublin and being pretty much inactive all week I knew tonight’s outing was always going to be difficult.

It’s not that I didn’t want to do nothing all week, it’s just been very busy workwise, it always is at the start of the season and even when I wasn’t working I felt physically and mentally tired.

However, I knew I had to do something soon so decided that after finishing work early tonight that I’d go out for a while to a) remind my legs how to run and b) blow off a little steam.

I didn’t really have a plan in mine re: time or distance, I just thought I’d see how I felt.

I don’t seem to benefit too much from rest. Indeed, my legs need to keep quite active to prevent the build up of fluid in them so after having done precious little for five days it was no surprise that they objected in the strongest possible terms tonight.

They *really* hurt. Not muscle or bone hurt, just a burning type pain caused by the fluid swilling around. It’s a condition I have in my legs – Lymphoedema – which is localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system. I have been prescribed the wonderfully named ‘Gentleman’s Compression Garments’ – tights, basically – which helps stop the fluid building up but I haven’t worn them for a while, although I’ll take tonight as a little warning and start wearing them again.

Anyway, what of the run? Pretty good actually. Yes, it hurt a lot (especially at the start) and, yes, I clomped for large parts of it. I also stopped a few times during the early stages due to the pain but, ultimately, speed wise I did alright and it felt good to get back out there again. I ended up doing 5k over my normal route to the industrial estate and back. Nice and simple, if not somewhat boring.

I *always* worry after a few days of inactivity that I won’t be able to run again so it’s always reassuring when I discover I can. The first run after a break is always harder, so I’m looking forward to things becoming more comfortable again.

Relive my run


Norman Normal from Normalsville

Not really an awful lot to say about tonight’s run. A bog standard normal Monday night outing with Ballymena Runners.

I needed to get back reasonably sharpish so I decided just to go with the 30 minute group and then run the rest of the way home to bring me up to 5k, I didn’t have time to do the usual five miles but 5k is still a reasonable wee run.

All told it went pretty well. I ran well within myself, taking advantage of the chance to loosen my legs when it was available but also tucking into the pack for a bit of breather when I felt like it.

Route wise we headed down through the retail park, over Harryville Bridge, along the Larne Road then Wakehurst before turning right to go up Queen Street and back through the retail park again. All pretty relaxed really, no drama and no tantrums.

In other news, I confirmed my place in the Belfast City Half Marathon next month – and that means I’ll have to start following a regimented training plan fairly soon.

In fact, this weekend in Dublin is the perfect start to that.

I know I’m already mentally race ready having done quite a few recently but when it comes to working up to the distance again I’ll do around 7.5 miles this Sunday in Dublin and then increase my weekend long run by 1.5 miles per week so that by the time the race comes round on September 17th I’ll have prepared well. I’ll even have the luxury of a short taper!

Relive my run

Decisions, decisions

I still haven’t decided whether or not to enter the Kells & Connor Charity Running Festival 5-mile race tomorrow. It’s a local race – the second in less than a week – so it would make sense for me to take advantage of something virtually on my doorstep.

However, it’s a relatively small event, spread over four events – a Half Marathon, 5-mile Run, 5-mile Walk and 5k Fun Run – so the field for each race will be quite small ….. and a small field means only one thing, I’ll be last.

At the time of writing the 5-mile Run only has 22 entries, although no doubt the numbers will increase a bit in the morning, but still not enough to keep me from getting a slap on the arse from the proverbial wooden spoon.

The only consolation is that all the events finish at the same place so I should complete my run in the middle of the half marathon field ….. and it’s that, and only that, that’s tempting me to enter. I’d also like to support the organisers considering they come from the same club as me.

Anyway, with tomorrow morning in mind, I decided to go out for a gentle 5k tonight. My last couple of 3.1’s have been amongst my best ever but I knew I couldn’t do that this time, I needed to conserve my energy for Kells.

To that end I deliberately decided to go for 5/2 run/walk splits, just to keep things easy …. and it actually worked out quite well, in the end.

The first couple of reps were quite frustrating and painful because my legs objected a lot to being forced into a walk after five minutes running when they were still warming up. In fact, it must have looked as if I’d forgotten how to walk because I’m pretty sure my feet were ‘clomping’ but this settled around the halfway point in the run.

After that I just abandoned the 5/2 splits and just ran on for the finish, ignoring the buzz on my wrist from my Garmin to revert to walking. This was quite reassuring for a couple of reasons – the fact I felt quite comfortable doing it, almost running within myself and also that I managed to ignore the walk alerts.

I felt at the end that I could easily have kept going, but as much as I’d liked to have done I knew I needed to save myself for the morning. I mean, it’ll not stop me coming last but at least I might feel happy with my run despite my finishing position.

Online entries for Kells have closed, so I’ll make a final decision overnight and just sign up in the morning if I have to.

Relive my run