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Fun, fun, fun …

Tonight was a bit of a departure for me, a social run with other members of the club in a non-club setting.

The usual Monday night session was cancelled because of the weather caused by Hurricane Ophelia so a few of us decided to postpone it 24 hours and go out tonight instead to make up for missing our usual weekly fix.

In the end myself, Judith, Iverene and Parveen turned up at the Park ‘n’ Ride (handy for me, my usual starting point). We had previously decided to enter a relay team into the Belfast Marathon in May (along with one other) so this was a good initial team bonding run.

Because it was on my patch I took it upon myself to set the route, so I took the group along the dual carriageway, through the industrial estate, down the link road past Tesco’s then into Harryville onto the Wakehurst Road and back upto carpark … a challenging enough route that had a good mixture of descent and climbs, although I did feel guilty taking everyone back up the Antrim Road but they stressed that it was good to have that test at the end which was a relief!

In all we did 4 miles which was a decent enough jaunt around the town, and at a very relaxed pace of around 12 minutes per mile.

I really enjoyed it. In fact, I haven’t enjoyed a non-race run as much for absolutely ages. Training runs are quite often soul destroying affairs because I’m on my own but this was fantastic … and even though I was running in a small group I felt absolutely no pressure whatsoever because the company was so good.

In addition to the Belfast relay, we have plans to do the Race Over The Glens on New Years’ Day, the Larne Half in March and then the big one, the Dublin Marathon, in October. From having trained on my own for so long it feels so good to have fallen into a little group of friends, to get the on the spot support from them and to hopefully give some back.

Bring on our future adventures!

Relive my run



Intervals again … and hills!

Not content with doing my first intervals session on Wednesday night I decided to go out tonight (Friday) and do it all over again.

But just normal intervals wouldn’t do me, ohhhhh no.

Nope, tonight, I decided to mix them with some hill training. Well, sort of. I live on the Antrim Road which is a long, steady incline without being particularly steep but there are a couple of short, sharp climbs just off it that can be very easily incorporated into a run , so I included these tonight into a sort of loop at the top end of the road.

Following Wednesday night’s schedule, I programmed my Garmin with nine reps of two minutes running and 90 seconds walking/recovery and walked, as usual, to the top of the road.

The first two minutes took me almost exactly to the bottom – perfect. I then walked back up during the recovery portion before having to run up to the top when the next segment kicked in.

Then, at the top, there’s a sharp drop down to the left, so I ran down that … it worked out well because, in total, I went down five times and up four so I got a good workout lasting exactly half-an-hour – a chance for speed but also an opportunity to regularly test myself going back up.

It was tough, but also not impossible and I felt quite strong, even during the eighth or ninth rep. Hopefully a couple of weeks of this will start to have a positive impact on my running.

Relive my run


Tonight was something of a departure me, my first outing at the club interval training on a Wednesday evening.

I’d often thought of going but a lack of confidence and a surety in my mind that I’d stand out like a sore thumb amongst the (much) speedier runners always put me off.

But, recently, a few from my Monday night sessions have expressed an interest in going so tonight, tenatively, seemed to be the night that we’d all go to see what it was all about and, importantly, to give each other moral support.

I walked up, the usual 40-45 minute dander, but when I got to Ecos I didn’t know where everyone started from so it took a few minutes to find them and when I did I hardly had time to catch my breath before we were off, running to the carpark to do the warm-up.

Yep, running to warm-up before we started the actual running! Note to self, leave home much earlier next time!

It was such a relief to see a fair few from the 30/45 minute groups on Monday, I immediately relaxed knowing that I’d be within similarly paced company.

So, after the warm-up runs and exercises it was time to start the sessions properly. Tonight’s was 9 x 2 minutes running followed by 90 seconds recovery which, for me, was walking around in circles just to keep active.

The idea was that faster runners would go much further on the way out but would catch us slower ones on the return to the starting point so that we all then left from the same place again … and it worked!

For me it was a case of not sprinting flat out – we had to do this nine times! – but to keep going at a steadier pace than normal for the full two minutes, no walking allowed. I know running for two minutes isn’t anything out of the ordinary but I usually pace myself – tonight was going much harder than I’m used. I’m pleased to say I managed this, my Garmin constantly buzzing to tell me I was going faster than normal. I’ll take that.

It was tough, I’ll not deny that, but it was also exhilarating and lots of fun … everyone seemed agreed on this, and plans were made to do it all again next week. I can’t wait!

Relive my run