After what seemed like a long gap (but wasn’t really) I was back to intervals for this run.

My instructions were to run a warm-up mile, then 4x800m at 10k target pace, followed by a cool down mile … which, in effect, meant running at 10:20 mph pace.

The warm-up mile was quicker than usual (11:57) before it was time to tackle the intervals themselves.

I was a bit apprehensive because I was doing these in full public view. Instead of going to the relative seclusion of the dual carriageway/industrial estate I decided just to run on the main roads near home ie: Wakehurst Road/Queen Street. I’m not sure why I did this, laziness most likely!

Logically, I know no-one was paying me the slightest bit of attention but at the back of my mind I was certain every passing car and passenger was eyeing me up and down, judging me!

That might explain my speed. Perhaps, deep in my subconscious, I wanted to look ‘good’ so went faster than I was required to do.

The first split came in at 9:11 min/mi – over a minute quicker than I needed to be! Oops.

Split two wasn’t much ‘better’. I did try to slow it down but even then recorded 9:23 min/mi. That sounds boastful, it’s not meant to be. I know I can’t maintain those speeds over any sort of distance so maybe I just wanted to indulge myself a little because, let’s face it, I very rarely go that fast.

The third split ‘was’ slower but even then it was 9:47 min/mi, still over 30 seconds too quick.

I never managed a fourth split. I took a phone call, then it started to rain and because I was so close to home I decided to call it a day. Not the full or proper session but I was happy with what I’d done.

Relive my run

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