Running for the soul

Sometimes the gentlest of runs are the best, and good for the soul.

That’s what tonight was with the club. Nice, laid back, no pressure but hugely beneficial.

I had already decided to go with the 30-minute group. I know it was step-up week so, by rights, I should have gone with the 60s but I had an ulterior motive tonight.

As well as only being interested in a comfortable run it was suggested to me today that I should think about signing up to the forthcoming LIRF (Leader In Running Fitness) course being held locally and, after discussing it briefly with an office bearer at the club, I was advised that it might not be a bad idea to go with the 30s and to shadow the leaders just to get a little taste of what’s expected and involved.

I’m still very much undecided whether to apply for the qualification or not, but I am interested in encouraging those starting off on their running journey or lacking confidence in their ability. That’s one of the driving forces behind my 18in18 Challenge so a course such as this seems a perfect fit.

But that’s for another day.

Tonight, in a departure from the norm, I ran up to the club. I don’t normally do this but, encouraged by my success on Saturday, I decided to do it this evening. I’ll admit to questioning it because, as I ran, I could feel a niggle in my left calf, and I was a bit concerned I might struggle so why was I ‘wasting’ my running time now?

However, that niggle well and truly disappeared when the club run itself started. If I had the niggle when the session started it might have been enough for me to have a ‘bad’ night but, as it turned out, it was just what I needed. I was able to focus on the run ‘proper’ with legs that felt good and were already warmed up.

As I said, the session itself was grand. A relaxed pace, good company and the opportunity to chat all the way round … perfect with a half marathon waiting for me.

I ran back home again to bring me to around 7km for the evening. I envisage, as per last week, I’ll do a wee run on my own at some point this week plus a jog to the gym and back just to keep my ticking over ahead of Larne on Saturday. It worked last week so why change what’s already tried and tested?

Relive my run

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