Ballymena Runners 6.2

fullsizerender-23Well that was a turn up for the books. I honestly didn’t think I could do today’s Ballymena Runners session, at least not on my own, but I bloody well went and did it!

It’s silly, isn’t it? I’ve got a 10-mile race to do on Sunday and yet I was fretting over running for half-an-hour today. I think it’s the fear of failure, that sense of not feeling good enough, stopping for a rest and not making each split – and once those thoughts get into your head you’ve lost it.

As per Tuesday night, it was 10-6-10 with a couple of minutes walking between each split.

I started off slowly – or so I thought – but ended up doing the first kilometre a few seconds faster than with the group on Tuesday. My overall pace for the entire run wasn’t as quick but that’s to be expected running on my own whereas with a group it’s easier to put that extra bit of effort it.

Having said that, I was still happy enough with my pace and delighted that apart from negotiating a couple of deep puddles I didn’t break into a walk during the running segments.

Hopefully I’ll fit another run in before Sunday, maybe around Fareham tomorrow. It’ll be good to run somewhere different which should make the scheduled increase to 12-6-12 less scary!

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