Stone cold

Another Wednesday night and another Saints & Slimmers run.

I’ll admit to not really feeling like it tonight. I’m still riddled with the lurgy, still feeling quite weak and, on top of that, I’d already been out and about at 6:30am for a step class.

I felt I had depleted my energy reserves.

However, this is weigh-in night so I knew I had to go out. I had toyed with the idea of walking to be weighed and then just walking back home again, not taking part in the scheduled run.

But, for whatever reason, I decided to throw on my running gear to see if I could squeeze a few more kilometres out of my increasingly tired legs. I thought I’d at least run to the start of tonight’s organised outing and see how I felt then.

Much to my surprise my legs felt pretty good and body (albeit from the neck down), even if my head was pounding from this blasted cold. As a result I decided to join the run with the rest of the group.

With hindsight, perhaps it wasn’t the wisest idea. I was doing ok, and felt well within my comfort zone pace wise until about 25 minutes in. However, I started to get a bit of shooting sensation down both arms. Not unbearable, but enough to be of concern. I pulled up, and told the rest of the group I’d catch them later.

I took a minute or so to shake the pain out of my arms before resuming, catching up and rejoining the group. But, no sooner had I done so, the pain returned. I’d never experienced this before so I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I didn’t want to take any chances so I aborted my run and broke off from everyone else, telling them I’d just make my own way to the weigh-in.

I’m not really sure what caused it, although I’m guessing it was probably just a consequence of a pretty hectic 24 hours that included two runs, a tough circuits class and a challenging step class all on the back of a lingering, persistent cold.

As for the weigh-in, I’m absolutely delighted to have lost another 5 3/4lbs, bringing my total loss in 17 days to a fraction short of a stone. This is hard work, but I’m determined to get as much out of this opportunity as I possibly can.

But, for tomorrow, a day off to give my body a proper chance to recover.

Relive my run

Virtual Runner 100km January Challenge (66.71km)
1st January – 8.28km
3rd January – 5.01km
5th January – 9.02km
7th January – 5.01km
9th January – 5km
10th January – 5.1km
15th January – 13.02km
17th January – 3.39km
23rd January – 5.81km
24th January – 7.07km

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