Living in the comfort zone

After a break of five days I went into this run not expecting very much.

I’d been carrying a little niggle just below my left knee for a few days, an irritation that wasn’t helped by going to my 6:15am exercise class earlier, so I wasn’t looking to do very much running tonight just in case I injured myself further.

It was also only my second club session this year. I had little or no confidence in my own ability, the same old story really. This was going to be the 30-minute run, nothing more.

I’ve also been very lethargic lately. The lurgy is still clinging on, my breathing has been shallow at times and I’ve been lacking in energy and drive.

However, once we started, I immediately began to feel very comfortable. I didn’t feel my niggle at all, my breathing was relaxed and I settled into the run very quickly.

I deliberately kept my pace slow but when the opportunity arose to open up – and there were several – I really went for it, partly because I wanted to test myself with some sprinting and also because, well, I just wanted to.

And I came through it all with flying colours. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I didn’t struggle tonight. That surprised me and I could well have slipped into the 45 or even 60-minute groups. I just need to believe I can.

What pleased me as well, in addition to how I felt, was keeping my run in Heart Rate Zone 4. I’ve managed to do that for my last few runs which suggests to me that I’ve got more to give, and that can be no bad thing.

Relive my run

Virtual Runner 100km January Challenge (71.2km)
1st January – 8.28km
3rd January – 5.01km
5th January – 9.02km
7th January – 5.01km
9th January – 5km
10th January – 5.1km
15th January – 13.02km
17th January – 3.39km
23rd January – 5.81km
24th January – 7.07km
29th January – 4.49km

Still a bit to do to reach 100km for the month but I do have runs scheduled tomorrow and Wednesday so I should scrape over the line.

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