Circuit breaker

Tonight was a little different. I ran 5k in total split between two runs – over half to circuit training, and the rest back home.

I’ve signed up to the Saints & Slimmers programme run by All Saints GAC, an intensive six-week ‘bootcamp’ type course which requires at least five days per week commitment.

Tonight was the first full class, an hour-long circuits session. The venue was approx. two miles from my house so, perhaps in a foolhardy move, I decided to run there. I hadn’t gone out with the club last night so I saw this as my chance to make up for that.

This was my first ever attempt at doing circuits so I didn’t really know what impact it’d have on my body, so I decided my run would be deliberately slow … I had to resist the temptation to pick up the speed but I knew I had to.

But it felt good. I arrived at the class well warmed up and that perhaps helped me cope better than I expected. I attempted the higher intensity in most exercises, electing to lower it for those that required putting pressure on my toes and lower back – my two weakest areas and with recent injuries in mind a sensible move.

After the class I then ran back home. Catherine, from my running club, gave me a lift part of the way to Sainsbury’s which I was glad of because it was a rotten old night. However, after going into the shop, I then ran home from there, managing to clock up another 2km. Again, it was slow although, bizarrely, at a faster pace then the run up … perhaps I’m a lot fitter than I thought I was!

There’s a running element to Saints & Slimmers. This takes place tomorrow night. I’ve signed up to the 10k to Half Marathon group so probably that’ll be at the more advanced level than compared to the other groups (Walking, C25K, 5k to 10k). I’m not sure what to expect and the others in the group will likely be better runners than me but I guess I’ll find out soon enough. Tomorrow is, apparently, intervals so hopefully I’ll be ok with that.

Virtual Runner 100km January Challenge (32.32km)
1st January – 8.28km
3rd January – 5.01km
5th January – 9.02km
7th January – 5.01km
9th January – 5km

Tonight’s two little runs contributed another 5k towards my 100k January challenge. Tesco’s!

Relive my run (part one)
Relive my run (part two)

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