Not giving up

As a runner one of my big problems has always been fighting the pain and burn in my legs, particularly in the early stages of a run. I’m never quite sure whether it’s caused by lactic acid or my Lymphodema, but I do know that it bloody hurts.

It has the consequence of forcing me into run/walk for spells in order to get some blessed relief. There is absolutely nothing wrong with ‘Jeffing’ it – all my best times have been achieved using that method, and for long races I’ll continue to use it.

However, I’d also like to plod on for as long as I can without walking. I can do it and I have done it, but it’s a mental thing. I need to be in the right frame of mind to battle through the discomfort – and that doesn’t always happen.

I want it to change away from a mental thing to just something I do as a matter of course. It’s something I’ve been trying during races but not so much in training until recently.

I did it last Saturday night in a fit of temper and sheer bloody mindedness but, tonight, I did it because I wanted to.

It was a slow run, it was always going to be. I’d decided upon 5k around my normal route (dual carriageway, industrial estate etc.) and just set off determined to keep pounding away without any real concern for time.

And, guess what? It’s getting easier! It really is. In previous attempts I’ve had to fight with myself to not give up almost all the way through the run but tonight it was barely an issue.

As I said, it was a slow but it was also a huge confidence booster. I feel as if I’m finally starting to crack it … it’ll take a while to build up the distance and to bring the time down but if I keep plugging away I’m pretty certain it’ll start to pay dividends.

Relive my run

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