Broken To Be Rebuilt

I think the title of this entry sums up my January. I am broken. But I am being rebuilt. (BTW, kudos to anyone getting the reference!)

Why am I broken? This feckin’ Saints & Slimmers programme I’m following, that’s why! I’ve been doing it since January 7th so I’m just over three weeks in. And it is tough, especially the week just finished. My little old body has been battered, and shaped, and twisted, and pushed in ways I didn’t think possible.

But I’m being rebuilt. Most definitely I am being rebuilt. Since starting SnS I have lost just over a stone. In fact, if you dial it back to New Years Day I have lost 16.5lbs – that is immense, I have to be pleased with that. I’ve done spin, kettlebells, pilates, Bodcon and a few different types of circuits. Oh, and I’ve been dancing!

Is it all a reaction to the Race Over The Glens? I’m still not beating myself up over that run but perhaps it has been the catalyst to me trying to improve my fitness and not letting my last couple of years of running go to waste.

Tonight, because it’s a Wednesday, it meant running class. Except tonight I couldn’t really be bothered. I was just so tired.

I’d been to the gym earlier in the afternoon with my son, Andrew. I didn’t really have much energy for that so I knew my run later would be a struggle.

It was.

As usual I decided to run up to the chapel carpark for the start of the ‘class’ but once I got there I didn’t have anything left in the tank whatsoever. I was just drained. I decided just to run the extra short distance to get weighed and to call it a night. I didn’t even have the power to run back home, although the horrendous weather did go a long way to swaying my decision.

So, just a couple of miles tonight. The run itself was ok. Nothing spectacular but, happily, it took me around the same time as last night in spite of my tiredness.

I’m going to take a couple of days off now, at least from running. I need to get my energy back for the race on Saturday morning. I’m looking forward to it just to see how I’ve improved over the past month. I’ve held back a bit in a lot of my runs this month so how I cope back in a race environment will be interesting.

I also just about scraped over the line in my 100km Challenge for the month, thanks to a few bike sessions and a cheeky little kilometre on the treadmill earlier. They all add up!

So, to recap January … the wooden spoon on NYD, a successful National Running Show, most miles in a month since April 2017 and 16.5lbs lost. It started badly and ended on a high. Let’s see what February brings.

Relive my run



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