Centra Run Together

img_4174Today was the Centra Run Together event in Antrim, a 5k race that you had to complete in pairs, so I persuaded Isobel to take part for what was her first proper running event.

The Met Office had issued a yellow weather warning for the day but, thankfully, there was no rain at all. The only ‘weather’ were the strong winds in certain parts of the course, which took us along the Six Mile Water and then the shore of Lough Neagh before turning to go fullsizerender-21
back the same way.

In places it was more like a trail run – puddles, grass, dirt paths etc. – so it paid to keep a wee eye on the surface, but it was a really nice and scenic course.

Following a discussion beforehand, Isobel decided we would set off on 5 minute run-2 minute walk schedule. I knew she wouldn’t stick it but she thought it was feasible so I decided to go with it.

We also set off too quickly. Because it was a pairs event we had to stay together which meant I had to push myself to keep up – but I plodded along knowing it wouldn’t last. I suppose that’s where my experience kicks in.

img_4178From memory, the schedule lasted two cycles although, to be fair, we did keep up quite a pace throughout. I decided just to let Isobel dictate the running, I knew I had the legs for it so obviously the more important thing was making sure she was comfortable.

In the end we did it in 41:12 which was pleasing, and could have gone quicker if it wasn’t for the conditions underfoot in places.

It was a fun, relaxed event and something different. A decent technical t-shirt, a tasty goody bag and a quality medal. An all-round enjoyable afternoon.

My calves felt a little tight at the start but they soon settled down and seem to be ok now.

I only did seven miles this week but that’s maybe no bad thing, given what awaits me next Sunday. I still have to do the third Ballymena Runners session (three eight minute runs) before Tuesday night, although it’ll be no big deal if I don’t manage it, I’ll see how my legs feel tomorrow.

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