Ballymena Runners 6.1

runnersOnto week six (SIX!) tonight, just another three weeks left or something like that. Tonight’s session was a big one psychologically as we moved into double figures for the first time …. 10-6-10 with two minute walk breaks in between.

fullsizerender-22All the usual nerves and worries hit me beforehand ….. and even standing in the carpark waiting for everyone to gather I flirted with the idea of just going home.

But I stuck it out and thought I’d at least give it a go. It’s ridiculous considering  I’m competing along with 15,000 others on Sunday that I should get so nervous. I need to grab hold of myself sometime soon.

Anyway, we set off and it wasn’t too bad. Pace wise it felt roughly the same as every other week, although the stats showed it was a fair bit quicker, over 30 seconds faster per mile than last Tuesday.

It felt relatively comfortable throughout and although my legs did tire a bit I remember clomping only once which is surely a good sign. The real test will come when I have to do it on my own without the group around me.

I still need to fit two more sessions in this week before Sunday. Maybe one tomorrow or Thursday (weather/mood permitting) and then the other one in Fareham on Friday. That’ll be slightly longer – it’s up to 12-6-12 but maybe the change of scenery will be enough to get me round it and loosen my legs up after the flight. We’ll see.

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