Ballymena Runners 5.2

fullsizerender-20Not an awful lot to say about this run, as per Tuesday night it was 3-8-3-8 with two minutes walking between each split.

I haven’t been feeling in a good place mentally for the past few days so wasn’t really in the mood for running tonight. Indeed, I didn’t go out until it was dark, the first time I’ve done that in ages. Perhaps that says something.

Because I wasn’t really up for it I just went through the motions without really pushing myself too much.

The run itself was comfortable enough and the slight niggle I’d felt just below my left kneecap before going out wasn’t an issue. My breathing was grand, I felt well within my comfort zone and, on another day, I could have easily have covered a greater distance.

In other news, I received my Asthma UK top despite only requesting it yesterday afternoon! Excellent service. It’s a vest, is a bit snug and shows off my ample rolling gut so I’ve ordered a compression top to go below it, to hopefully hold me in.

That’s going to look charming in the Great South Run pics.

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