fullsizerender-5I wimped out of going to parkrun. Well, I did and I didn’t. In order to avoid the horlicks that was last Saturday morning I printed my barcode out in good time, then went to get ready and whilst the rain was little more than a mizzle, by the time I was ready to leave the house it was, as they say, not taking the time to rain.

It was hammering down. It was raining sideways. There’s no way I was going out in that, not walking at least and not for the 30-40 minutes it would have taken me to get to the start line.

I then thought I’d take a taxi. Problem was I couldn’t get one. All booked, at least they were until about 9:15am and getting one then would have been cutting it very fine to get through the traffic in time.

Granted, it’ll likely not be terribly great weather wise in Portsmouth but that’s something I’ll deal with on the day. There’s no point in risking anything in the build up, especially given how I’ve been feeling this week.

Still, it called for Plan B – do the 5k on my own again, which I did once the rain settled.

But karma has a funny way of biting you on the arse, and she surely did with teeth bared. About one kilometre into the run it started to rain like the hammers of hell. Bucketing down, and sideways too just for good measure.

However, I was out and was staying out.

I decided to stick true to the Ballymena Runners schedule for a while, therefore 4 minutes x 2 minutes repeated three times. After that I then went freestyle, running when I wanted and walking when I wanted.

I was a bit slower than I would have liked to have been but almost two minutes faster than last week but, pleasingly, my last two kilometres were negative splits which is par for the course with me. It always takes me a while to get going before I settle into a run.

Anyway, job done, time to relax for a couple of hours before work and then prepare myself mentally for my scheduled six miles tomorrow. At least the weather is supposed to be significantly better.

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