Stepping up

fullsizerender-43So, after a week of absolutely no running and a couple of days of feeling ill, I made my return this evening at the regular Monday club training night. And, of course, I’d take it easy ….. I mean, wouldn’t that be the sensible thing to do?

Ummmm …………

This week was designated as a ‘step up’ week whereby you’re encouraged to try running at the next level up. In my case that meant progressing from the 30 minute to the 45 minute group.

I wasn’t sure whether to do it, and I wasn’t really expecting to. However, after discussing it with a number of my regular group we decided to take the plunge. I think what eventually persuaded us was the decision of our regular group leader to take the session.

fullsizerender-42Therefore, without really anticipating it, I found myself in with the 45-minute group after a week of doing sod all. I was nervous enough about going tonight so goodness knows what caused the rush of blood to the head that made me step up – but step up I did.

So how did it go? I’ll not deny it wasn’t a challenge, but that’s what step up week is all about. The pace was, at the start, a bit quicker than the 30-minute group but that was fine, I settled in and kept plugging away, chatting as I went which definitely made it easier.

Then, about halfway through, it was decided we would try little sprints. We paired up, sprinted to the front of the group, then took it easy as the other pairs did the same before repeating the process about five times.

I suppose it was ‘fun’ – in a sadistic, painful kind of way – and broke the run up but it emptied my legs of whatever energy I had in them after a week off.

However, it wasn’t a disaster. Yes, I took it easy for most of the remainder of the run and only towards the end did I start to find my feet again which, I suppose, is where my endurance training kicks in. I may not be fast but I’ll keep going and, overall, the pace was pleasing.

In fact, I recovered so much that rather than walk back home I decided to run the last half-a-mile ….. maybe not quickly, just a gentle jog but a run it was.

On reflection, a successful enough return after my longest break since the start of the summer.

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