Ballymena Runners 2.2

img_4008So after a day feeling ill – hence no run yesterday – I went out this morning to do the second run of this week’s Ballymena Runners training schedule. I don’t like skipping a day but at least I didn’t miss the run and it leaves me on target for this week.

The programme called for a 4 minute run, 2 minute walk, 3 minute run, 2 minute walk and a final 4 minute run ….. all straightforward enough really.

I deliberately went slowly, albeit not as slowly as the class group run, or at least I tried to. Partly because I wasn’t sure how healthy I was and partly because I was running on the track around the football pitches which had some muddy areas and quite big puddles.

During the run I also recorded a good luck video (it was awful!) for the Diabetes UK runners in Berlin and Loch Ness this weekend. I did it during one of the walking segments but because it took slightly longer than planned that particular walking break was about 30 seconds more than I’d hoped, although I did do the four minute run after that.

That, and the mud and the puddles, all affected my time – yet it was still considerably quicker than the class on Tuesday so maybe I still need to go a little slower.

Let’s see how it goes at parkrun tomorrow morning – assuming I don’t feel physically sick at the prospect.

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