Great South Run 2016

fullsizerender-1I’ve just entered the Great South Run in Portsmouth on Sunday, 23rd October, 2016!

It’s ten miles and I’ve got six weeks to prepare …… but, sure, didn’t I do my London Marathon training in just over seven weeks and that was for 26.2 miles? Wee buns!

Seriously, though, it’ll be good for me to have something to focus on rather than plod along aimlessly week after week without really increasing my mileage.

I’m arriving in Portsmouth on Friday 21st and staying until after the race, then travelling to Hastings to spend a couple of days staying with the first born, back home on Tuesday afternoon in time for the Ballymena Runners session that evening.

This might well be my last time in Diabetes UK colours, a group from London/Brighton are running it so it’ll be good to catch up with everyone again. I just hope I don’t disgrace myself – I’ll be happy with two hours which I should be capable of if I apply myself to the job in hand between now and race day.

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