Short but sweet

img_3880Just a wee quickie today. Hadn’t intended it that way, based on my success the other day I set off up the Antrim Road and then back down again, intending to do a few laps of that.

First run up and down was grand, apart from people getting in my way. Seriously, I must attract them …. so I decided to keep heading on towards the playing fields hoping they’d be dog free – but, oh no, that’d be too much to ask for, wouldn’t it? Three of the buggers. Three.

Slightly exasperated I then turned to go back up the Antrim Road, saw more people coming down and thought ‘stuff it’ and just ran back home. It was bloody hot and humid which helped make up my mind to knock it on the head.

Pleasantly surprised by my time, though. My fastest opening km (6:59) this year and another improvement on my mile pace. This hill/spring combo seems to be working.

As you can see from the graph below my opening km speeds are showing a marked improvement, hopefully this means I’m starting to get my strength back.


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