Pish Utter

IMG_3773That’s the only way to describe tonight’s run unfortunately.

I started off like I had a rocket up my arse and dipped well under 12 minutes for the first mile but after that it all fell apart.

My legs just couldn’t get going. There are probably several extenuating circumstances, not least they looked and felt fat with the build up of fluid. I haven’t been wearing my compression tights for the past few days because I’ve been in shorts due to the heat.

If there are any positives to be taken from tonight, I suppose it could be the negative splits in my last two kilometres, they were still far too slow for my liking but at least they were faster than the two that preceeded them.

I think I also need to work on the psychology of running. I *know* it’s going to hurt at the start and I *know* that I’ll be able to push through that, it’s just remembering it when I’m out that I fail at.

I also need to get a bike sorted out. That’ll help me on my non running days and stop my legs from freaking out when I’m running.

And nutrition. I need to work on that. A new month starts on Thursday, in my mind that’s a good time to put a proper plan in place, I’ve got a few days to prepare it and, literally, hit the ground running.

If I use tonight’s run to spur me on to do those things – bike, psychology and nutrition – then it’ll not have been a total disaster. If I don’t I’ll be back here again and again moaning and complaining.

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