Mojo Rising

It’s been a while but it finally feels like I’m back!

Due to various circumstances my running has very much dwindled away this year, reaching a low point in April when I struggled to complete the meagre total of 14 miles for the entire month.

I had run three races in as many weeks at the end of March, and I had run them badly. I had completely and utterly lost my mojo, so it was perhaps no surprise that April was so poor. Maybe I needed that, maybe I needed to sink as low as I did before I could reset myself.

May has been a different beast. Granted I’m still not back to the levels I was last year but it’s been a marked improvement on April, not only in terms of miles covered but in mindset.

So far this month I’ve been trying to run once every three or four days, not massive distances but designed to be a gentle reintroduction.

My pace has been awful but there have been encouraging little flashes that have hinted to a return to some sort of form, not least doing a relay leg in the Belfast City Marathon. My leg was only just over four miles, but within those four miles I managed to produce one of my fastest miles this year and totally unexpectedly too.

Then, tonight, I made my return to club. I think I’ve only been three times since the Dublin Marathon back in October so it’s been quite a while.

I was almost as nervous as I was on my first night. I also had the added potential complication of a ‘cake baby’ to contend with. Today is my birthday and I’ve been eating cakes, buns and chocolate all day which – as you can imagine – isn’t the best diet to run on!

Thankfully everything went well. I ran from home to club and it felt comfortable. Then I joined in with the 30 minute group and coped well on what was a balmy spring evening covering a route which included a killer of an 180-foot climb with a couple of little kicks contained within. I was determined not to walk, and I didn’t. I had to dig deep a little at times, but I got to the top in one piece without letting up.

And at the top there was a lovely moment when the entire 20+ strong group serenaded me with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. It was so sweet of them and just capped what has been a wonderful day all round.

It’s good to be back.


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