No rest for the wicked!

Well, that was a busy one for a Monday! Five runs, two walks, one class and some dance practice … or a total of 12 miles and five hours activity.

Granted, it wasn’t continuous but that actually made my day more difficult and utterly exhausting.

Here’s how it unfolded:-

Run to and from Pilates
I know for me to get properly fit I need to develop all round and not just focus on my running so, starting from today, I’ve resolved to attend a broad range of classes at my local gym. They have around 40 on offer per week at no extra cost so I’d be foolish not to take advantage.

Today’s class was Pilates. I really had no idea what to expect. I honestly thought that I’d be the only man there in a room full of nubile young women … not that I would have any problem with that under normal circumstances (!) but on this occasion I couldn’t help but feel I’d look like a dirty old man.

To my huge relief I found out that I knew the guy who would be taking the class and, better than that, I also knew one of those taking part and, looking around the room, there were two more men present and whilst the rest were all women they were a variety of ages and shapes. I actually felt normal, and nowhere near as isolated as I thought I would be.

Anyway, the gym is just over a mile from my house so I decided to run there, take the class and run back.

As expected, the run there was a bit clunky. I couldn’t really get into my stride but that’s normal for me, this was a warm-up after all. A truer test would be the run back home – would I find it more difficult, would I be slower etc etc?

So how was it? Despite being tired the run felt more comfortable and whilst I was deliberately taking it easier was faster too following the exact same route.

Run to club
It was a Monday, that meant running club night. By this stage I had completed my four mile walk to a pre-arranged appointment – two miles there and two miles back. That gave me around 30 minutes at home before leaving again for club.

I’ll be honest. I was cold and tired and could very easily not have gone to club if I didn’t have to be somewhere at that end of town shortly afterwards.

So off I plodded to club. It’s only a mile but it’s an uphill mile, my heart wasn’t really in it and it was a bit of a slog. As soon as I arrived someone looked at me and said, “You look busted!” Yes, yes I was.

Club 30s
I feared the worse for the actual club session. As tempted as I was to go with the 45s now that my running has improved I decided to stick with the 30s because I genuinely thought I’d struggle.

Granted I held back a bit but I was pleasantly surprised that I felt ok, and could have upped the tempo if I’d needed to and, on reflection, could have gone out with the 45s. Maybe next week.

Run to dance practice
I’m not a dancer. I’ll never be a dancer. I never want to be a dancer. But I’m doing a thing that requires me to dance, albeit in the loosest sense of the word. It concludes on Friday, so practice is pretty intensive at the minute, every other day in fact.

Tonight’s practice was just over a mile from club so despite an offer of a lift I decided to take the chance to squeeze another little run in. By this stage I was really cold, the air was damp and I felt thoroughly miserable but with the Big Half awaiting in less than a fortnight I looked upon this as vital preparation of battling through when the going was tough. But it was slow, bloody hell it was slow! Not that I cared, I was thinking of the bigger picture.

When I was planning my day I had originally intended to run the two miles back home after dance practice but, when the time came, I really couldn’t be bothered. I just wanted to get home and get warm so I bailed out and accepted a lift instead. I’d done enough for one day.

Hopefully it’ll be ultimately beneficial. Time will tell I suppose.

Relive my run


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