Gone clubbing

A bit of a mixed bag today … a bit of running, a bit more running and then a bit of clubbing.

Tonight saw my running club launch their latest Couch to 5k programme so, as ever, I went along to support them in that. I’ve said before that I love these events and this was no different. It’s great to see so many people dip their toes into running. If they can get even half as much out of it as I have then it’ll be well worth it.

Tonight’s venue was very local to me. In fact, it was on my normal training route along the dual carriageway and into the industrial estate so I decided to run there. Granted it was only a mile away but it acted as a nice little warm-up.

Then, after the usual welcome talks and so on, it was time to launch the C25K. As ever, day one of week one was two minutes run/two minutes walk x3 … nice and gentle but still an excuse for a wee run, and that’s never a bad thing!

After that it was time to hot foot it to the other end of town for tonight’s Saints n’ Slimmers class.

Timetabled tonight was Clubbercise, something which the official website describes as a ‘dance workout with rave glow sticks & disco lights’. I’m familiar with it through my friend Dawn who is a mad keen devotee but I’ve never actually participated, so at least I knew what to expect.

Or so I thought!

I have next to no co-ordination, I knew trying to follow the routines exactly was pointless so I decided just to shake my shizzle in a manner roughly resembling what everyone else was doing. It’s just as well it was dark!

My legs coped ok with it at the time (they started to ache a little later on), maybe that’s the running kicking in, but my poor wee arms felt like they were going to fall off at certain points. There’s only so much waving around a man can take!

But it was a decent old workout with a large dollop of fun thrown in for good measure.

I’ve got a couple of days break from Saints ‘n Slimmers now, so I’ll revert to good old fashioned running to keep me ticking over.

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