RED January update

We’re nine days into 2019, and therefore nine days into RED January so how have I been getting on?

For many people the RED idea is to run every day (that’s what it stands for after all), but the organisers themselves state that it’s all about doing something active every day so that’s the model I’ve been following.

I’ve enrolled, for the second year, in the Saints n’ Slimmers programme promoting healthy eating and activity organised by a local sporting club. Basically, this is a six (-ish) week long bootcamp type programme which requires a five days per week commitment.

Whilst it’s an individual thing there’s also a team element to it which adds a level of competitiveness, not to mention the social aspect too.

It comes at the perfect time to fit in with the ideals behind RED, so if I haven’t been running I’ve been doing this instead. In fact, I reckon I’ve worked harder than I would have been if I’d stuck to pure running!

This week’s activities started at 7am on Monday morning with a Pilates-type class at a local martial arts club. Billed as ‘Wake Up With …’ I stretched, pulled and twisted bits of me I forgot I even had, but it was an excellent way to kick off the week and the programme itself. I was sore afterwards (especially my bum cheeks!) but it was a good sore.

Tuesday night was Tabata which, to my uneducated mind, is probably the same as a HIIT workout. Bloody hell, this was tough! I may have had sore bits from Monday but, dear goodness, my sore bits had sore bits after this!!!! But, again, it’s all good.

Onto Wednesday, and back into my comfort zone. Running is one element of the programme with Wednesday the designated run day.

There are different options available, from Couch to 5k to half marathon training. I opted for C25K, much to the surprise of a few people, simply because having participated last year I know exactly how much the six weeks takes out of you. Yes, it greatly improves your fitness but it is a really tough programme and gets tougher as it progresses.

However, rest is also important, so I selected C25K to allow myself a recovery day whilst still fulfilling my commitment. This opening run was the bog standard two minutes run/two minutes walk repeated three times so not at all testing, but it was really good to get even a short run in and it felt more comfortable than I thought it would be given my aches and pains from the other classes this week so far.

Clubbercise follows on Thursday night, and then we have two days off. I’ll be running on those days to maintain my RED pledge before it all kicks off again on Sunday with a dance class (eek!).

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