Burn baby burn

So, RED January Day 3.

I know I didn’t do very much during November or December, and that it’s going to take me a little while to get back into running to the level I was at, but I had hoped tonight’s run would have been a little better than it was.

I had no real idea of distance or anything like that before I went out but, right from the beginning, I decided to limit it to just a mile because my old problem of my ankles burning up raised it’s ugly head.

If I was doing a long training run, or a race, I would have been content that this would have settled eventually – it always does – but because I haven’t done an awful lot and I’ve got lots to do this month I decided not to risk it, or punish myself.

So a mile it was, just around the estate – and a run/walk mile at that.

And that’s perfectly ok, it fulfils my own unwritten rule of keeping going and inches my body and mind a little closer back to my pre-Dublin marathon fitness levels.

It’s going to be slow but, hopefully, it’ll be steady. At some point it’ll just click for me again.

I’ll do a mile most days but, a couple or three times a week, I’ll increase it a bit. The idea is to hit 5k this weekend then four miles next weekend, five the week after and so on … that means by the time of the London Winter Run in early February I’ll be 10k ready again. Then, after that, I’ve got another five weeks to get back up to half marathon distance in time for the Big Half.

So, no panic or worry yet. I’ve got loads of time.

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