RED January 2

I’m giving RED January a go.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a movement helping support mental wellbeing through exercise in aid of the charity MIND. The RED stands for Run Every Day, although it’s not essential to actually run every day as long as you do some sort of exercise.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to run every day but since I’m starting the Saints & Slimmers programme again this week I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing something exercise related on a daily basis throughout the month.

For now, however, I’ll stick to running but if my health suffers again I’ll review it. Because I’ve been inactive lately I’m slowly building my running back up so after yesterday’s initial run I decided just to go out for a mile this evening.

It was designed solely just to keep active and to prepare my body gradually for longer runs to come … plus, it’s only a mile so how much damage could it do.

My speed has disappointed me lately, I haven’t been feeling comfortable and everything felt like an effort. That changed for the better yesterday and so it proved again this evening.

It was a fairly relaxed run around the local playing fields and whilst not as fast as I can be it was a considerable improvement on what I’ve been doing lately. And, as with yesterday, I can again report no ill effects writing this a couple of hours afterwards.

There’s a definite sense now that I’m coming back. That might just be a mental thing but I’m not going knock it!


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