Circuits, intervals and the couch

Little but often was very much the order of the day this week.

I’m done with my long runs ahead of Dublin next Sunday, so this week has been a procession of little runs just to keep active, probably none of them worthy of a separate blog entry but, in the interests of logging every run I do, I’ll combine them into a single round-up.

On Tuesday night it was my run to circuits and back again. I hadn’t been for a couple of weeks because of illness and then work, so I wondered how much it’d take out of me especially after a busy weekend.

Quite a bit as it turned out. Not wanting to exhaust myself I very purposely ran one minute on, one minute off there and back. I don’t usually do as little as that, but with next week looming large I wanted to be extra cautious. Still, it was a run.

Wednesday – club intervals. Bloody hell, I found this so much tougher than I’ve ever done. For the first time ever I pulled out halfway through the session. My body just wasn’t responding how I would have liked although I did find myself settling into the session just before I decided to step out, possibly if I had gone on I would have been fine. It was still a good workout, though, with lots of dynamic stretching beforehand and some little sprints. I worked up a sweat and was active, all good.

Then, on Thursday, it was back to Kells to act as tailrunner for the club C25K scheme. This week the runs were ten minutes on, two minutes off, six minutes on, two minutes off and concluding with ten minutes on. Not to be sniffed at, but yet gentle enough not to be too taxing on my tired old body. I really enjoyed this session and, as ever, it was great to see everyone progressing so well.

Incidentally, Thursday also marked my sixth consecutive day running, a new record for me … is it any wonder I’m so tired? It’s also reassuring, however, to be able to keep moving and active ahead of the marathon … but next week will definitely be a lot more gentle in order to preserve my energy ahead of the big day.

Relive my run (Kells)

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