Ease on down the road

The Dublin Marathon is six days away. SIX DAYS!!!! I’m sure signing up for it seemed like a good idea once but, now, not so much.

No. That’s a lie. I am looking forward to it. I am excited about it. I just want it over and done with. I can’t really be bothered going out running this week but I know I must … and it’s with that mindset I dragged myself out to club tonight.

Rest is all well and good but I also know I have to keep ticking over, and tonight was very much a ticking over night.

In fact, tonight is likely to be my longest run this week before Sunday. I’ll go to circuits tomorrow – run a mile there and back – and Kells on Thursday to tailrun the club C25K, but that’s all.

Tonight’s 30s group was very, very large. A few had the same idea as me ahead of Dublin so it was good to chew the fat with some like minded souls. And it was very gentle too, which suited me just fine.

Never really exerting myself to any great degree I floated around the group, chatting here and there and not giving any thought to pace or distance or any of the usual stuff that concerns me … and it was great. As easy a run as I’ve had for a while, and just right in the days leading up to a marathon.

Everything is working as it should be, I’m good to go. I’ve just got the next few days to endure.

Relive my run

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