24 hours later …

What a difference a day makes!

After coming back from the Waterside Half yesterday I was pondering giving all this up, accepting that I’m simply not good enough, young enough or fit enough. My body ached, my confidence was shot to pieces and I wondered if all my hard work was pretty pointless.

I decided to go to club after much thought. I was achy and creaky after the 16 miles on Sunday but I also knew that a recovery run was probably the best ‘cure’.

I could have easily stayed at home, ‘rested’ and felt just as stiff and cumbersome the following day – or I could at least give it a go. If it worked then my aches and pains would be gone, and if it didn’t then I’d still be sore anyway.

So to club I went. 30 minute group obviously, although with the normal run there to bring me up to 45 or thereabouts.

The run there wasn’t as awful as I expected to be honest. In fact, I started to ponder going with the 45-minute group!

But, sensible Martin kicked in, I settled for the 30s. I started off really easily. No negative reactions at all but I restrained myself for as long as I could, maybe until the last 10 minutes or so.

We went around parts of the local parkrun course which was good because there was no stopping for traffic, and allowed me a good continuous run.

Then I decided to open up a bit. Whilst mindful that I did do 16 miles yesterday after all and that my legs/body would still be delicate to a degree, I increased my pace.

I still felt good, so I went for it a little bit more. It was a quick 30-minute group anyway but, by the end, I was going at a pace akin to the hour group and feeling pretty happy about it too.

I never expected this, but I’ll take it!

Relive my run

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