Little but often

Two posts in one this time, mainly because it’s been a case of little but often running wise this week.

After my club recovery run on Monday night I took the decision to ease off this week before the Chippenham Half Marathon on Sunday.

I pondered doing no running at all but I knew that’d mess with my head too much.

So, instead, I thought I’d do bits and pieces just to keep ticking over.

On Tuesday I participated in the first night of an eight-week bootcamp. Running wise I’m fit enough but I’m aware that I need to work on other areas, specifically my core and upper body.

Running, by its very nature, is leg focused but general all round fitness is also crucial and with Dublin around eight weeks away this class came along at the perfect time.

As with my classes at the start of the year I elected to run there and back. I found that, coupled with the class itself, really beneficial.

It’s just over a mile each way so here was a chance to squeze in a cheeky couple of miles without even noticing almost!

I found the run there fairly comfortable and speedy, which was good.

The class itself was a circuits type session. I enjoyed it. It was low pressure, there was no shouty PT getting in your face. I don’t respond well to that type of ‘encouragement’ so I found it really refreshing.

The guy in charge seemed like a decent sort, he instructed rather than barked orders and I know I gave more as a result.

Amongst the many stations on the circuit were two sprint exercises. I loved this because not only was it running but it was a chance to practice little bursts of speed, handy when you’re running for the line hoping to dip below a certain time!

After class the run home was faster than the run there. That’s often the case, and it’s all pleasing when it happens.

That meant I’d run for five days in a row so Wednesday was a rest day. I was slightly disappointed because a sixth day would have been a personal record but I needed to be sensible.

And so onto Thursday.

Bronagh had asked if I fancied a relatively short run so I happily obliged.

We went to the local parkrun course but before we started we spent some time warming up on the outdoor gym facilities available. It was low key but lots of fun, and a great way to limber up despite the strange looks we were getting!

Once we finally started running I’ll admit to finding it tough. Granted we were going fairly quick but I’ve copied better with faster before.

My legs just weren’t really responding, which was disappointing. It wasn’t awful and, as I said, we weren’t going easy. It was frustrating, that’s all, and perhaps an understandable reaction to my recent exertions.

It got easier after about a mile-and-a-half, and by the end of the four miles we ended up doing I was feeling good.

I did notice, however, that the fluid in my legs seemed particularly pronounced today so perhaps that was a big contributing factor to how I felt at the start.

With the half marathon looming large this might be my last run before then. I usually like to do parkrun the day before a race but I’m not so sure at the minute.

I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with running lately so I’ll make a decision on parkrun over the next day or so.


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