Up and running again

Whisper it but I think, just think, that I might be ‘back’ after my week on the sidelines.

I went to club tonight – it was a Monday after all – not really knowing if I’d be able to cope. I still felt groggy and not 100% well so I decided I’d at least turn up and see how I felt then.

My warm-up mile went very well. In fact, it went as well as it’s ever done, around a minute faster than normal. I’ll put that down to my legs being well rested!

As usual, I went with the 30-minute group. Normally I go with them because I either have big miles already in my legs, or a big week ahead. This time, however, it was purely precautionary because I didn’t really know how I’d get on. I’ll be honest, my stomach felt a little dodgy and, well, you can guess what I was worried about!

But, really, it went quite well. I purposely held back for the first 20 minutes or so, just blending in and following the pack on an, at times, undulating run. We even ran within sight of my house, something I don’t like doing because the temptation just to go home is sometimes too great!

However, I resisted tonight and, as the run continued, I began to feel more and more comfortable.

The rustiness in my legs from yesterday wasn’t really evident this evening and whilst, as I said, I’m still not feeling fully recovered, tonight was an encouraging outing. It might have only been four miles, but it was four miles I couldn’t have done just a few days ago so I’ll take it!

Relive my run



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