Happy Monday

Another decent outing tonight at the weekly club session.

My plan called for a gentle 45-60 minutes, so I decided to run to the leisure centre as a warm-up, do the 30 minute session and run back home. I could control my pace, get the miles in my legs but, at the same time, conserve a lot of energy for later in the week.

The warm-up wasn’t awful for a change. Still a bit rusty and clunky, but not as bad as usual.

The 30-minute club session was, by contrast, speedier than it normally is but I felt well within my comfort zone throughout. The run was really enjoyable, and what was even more pleasing was that it turned out to get progressively faster mile on mile … even the run back home again, when I generally tend to faff around as part of my cool down.

Not much more to report really, but I approach a big week feeling good about my running. I can’t ask for much more than that.

Relive my run

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