Feeling hot hot hot …

Yesterday I hinted that my mojo might have been somewhat lacking for my run (what do you mean you didn’t notice?). My enthusiasm was still AWOL for the latest run in my plan this morning so I knew I needed to do something that would get me out the door.

That something was joining up with Iverene and Bronagh for sections of their respective runs. Iverene was on a long run so I had arranged to meet her at around mile 7 while Bronagh was coming from the other direction, with plans to join us at mile 8.

It sounds complicated but it all worked out well.

My run was a one mile warm-up, followed by 10×1 minute intervals at 5k pace before concluding with a cool down mile. So, the idea was to meet Iverene, do my warm-up mile at which point Bronagh joined, I would do my intervals (two away from them, two towards etc. etc.) followed by my cool down so we would finish altogether.

As I said, it all went to plan.

It was a blisteringly hot morning. My Garmin displayed 24°, there was barely a breeze and the sun was beating down on us relentlessly.

My warm-up mile was therefore more difficult than it should have been, not helped by the fact it was mostly uphill … that was partly deliberate and given the route Iverene was taking joining her a bit sooner would have meant sprinting uphill, and there was no way I was doing that!

Warm-up complete, it was time to set off on my intervals. Given they were so short it was hard to hit the correct speed. My target was to run at 10 minute mile pace but for the first split I ran at 8:51 … too fast. I tried to slow it for the second, 10:14 … too slow, although not as bad.

The next three came in almost the same (9:23, 9:24 and 9:42) so I was finally achieving consistency.

It was bloody tough, although this was largely down to the heat. And still I had five to go, would I have the legs? It appears I did … 8:59, then 10:03 (so close!) with the final few at 9:29, 10:11 and 9:36.

I’ll not lie, I was glad to see this over. I was exhausted but, given the conditions, pretty pleased that I had mostly managed to either hit target pace or get a little ahead of it.

That final cool down mile was a great relief, coming in at 12:13. I did 3.6 miles in total, not a huge amount but this was all about my speed work, which I think was a success.

Next up is a four-miler but, given the conditions, I’m still not looking forward to it. We all go through rough patches when the motivation simply isn’t there and we gain strength from pushing through. Perhaps this is my time, but is there not also an argument for not punishing yourself either? Sometimes it’s maybe best just to give something a miss, recharge and come back a bit stronger?

Relive my run


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