Box ticking tedium

There are times when running is nothing but a chore. Times when I really just cannot be bothered but, like all chores, it’s something that has to be done.

Such was tonight’s run. I know I’ve had a busy, draining, exhausting last few days but there hasn’t been a run in a long time that I simply did not want to do as much as I didn’t want to do this one.

It was only an ‘easy’ 5k, as per my training plan, but the thoughts of it magnified it to almost marathon proportions.

But I’m determined to do this, whatever ‘this’ is, so out I went. I left it until 8:30pm, thinking it might be cooler after another stifling hot day. It wasn’t, it was still 23° and that made for uncomfortable running conditions.

Because I wasn’t in the mood for it I didn’t really feel like straying far from home so I essentially just ran around the local area, running up cul-de-sacs and parking areas just to get the distance done. This was tedious in itself, just as the whole run was tedious.

It was little more than a box ticking exercise. I didn’t enjoy it, but I did it. Did I learn from it? Did I achieve anything? Maybe. I don’t know. Mentally, perhaps. I fought the urge not to bother. I got out there and did it when I didn’t want to. We all go through slumps, times when our mojo goes missing … is this my turn? I suppose I’ll find over the next few days.

Relive my run


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