Cool runnings

That was a gentle run if ever there was one.

My training plan called for a 40-minute easy session today but because of the race last night – which wasn’t on the plan – I decided to just go out for half-an-hour simply as a means of keeping my legs loose. To be honest, I could have done the full 40 but thought it was wiser just to ease off a little after an intense few days.

What made the run even better was the temperature. It was cold and breezy, which was sheer bliss after what has seemed like a few weeks of sun and heat. Not that I’m opposed to a bit of warmth, but it was just good to be cooler for once.

As this was going to be gentle I decided again to restrict my route to the football pitches nearby. A bit monotonous and boring, granted, but nice, flat and close to home.

I wanted this to be comfortable, and it was. My breathing was spot on, my pace consistent and my heart rate was well within zone 3 … all good. There’s little else to report really.

So, after another five day block of running which included three races I think it’s time for a much needed couple of days rest before getting back at it again. See you at the weekend!

Relive my run

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