Nothing else matters

Sometimes you just have to go out and run. No worries about speed, no distance or route in mind. Just go and do it.

That was today.

There had been plans for a small group of us to do the local parkrun, but that fell through because of illness so Iverene and I decided to go out for a run together at 1pm, all fairly last minute and, until we met up, not even a route or distance was mentioned.

In the end, we decided to go for a lap of the football pitches, then up the Toome Road along to Tullygarley, out the Dans Road before turning for Galgorm and once we got into the village back through the golf club to Tullygarley and home again.

We didn’t even know how long that’d be, so it was a pleasant surprise to see at the end that we’d covered 6.5 miles.

The run was intended to continue with our low heart rate training but, to be honest, we didn’t really focus on that. Yes, we slowed down if we had to but, compared to previous efforts when we did concentrate on the task in hand, this was fairly lackadaisical.

Not that that was necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps it was the gloriously sunny day but there were times we were running along and chatting away only to forget – or not really care – what we were trying to do.

As you can see from the elevation profile below there were a number of fairly steep sections (Toome Road tunnel, Golf Club etc. etc.) and we did make a conscious effort of getting to the top of those uninterrupted, which we did, so that was good from a training perspective.

But, as I said at the outset, it was just good to get out there when it would have been far too easy not to bother. Nothing else really mattered today.

Relive my run

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