Déjà vu

I’m beginning to make a habit of this! It’s Tuesday, that means Cullybackey C25K, followed by a run home back to Ballymena.

I did it last week, and I did it tonight again. In fact, this was week six of the C25K programme and this was the third time I’ve run back home. I guess I must be enjoying it.

As stated, this was week six which meant runs of ten minutes, six minutes and ten minutes. Talking to someone beforehand this seemed to be the week that most people dreaded because it was taking them into double figures, but it was great again to see so many continue to turn up, complete their runs and maintain their progress.

For my part I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really gentle, a pleasant route along the river and good company. It’s hard to beat running and chatting.

Moving onto part two, again I ran the 7km back home with trying to control my heart rate once more my focus.

Not much to say about it, except that it was a great run home, I felt really comfortable moreso than last week.

An almost identical time too – it differed by three seconds – but very pleasing to see that my average heart rate dropped a notch, not by much but a drop is a drop which is my objective with this current bout of heart rate training.

I started off a little slower than last time, but picked up my pace a lot towards the end and finished stronger whilst managing to stay within zone. I think I can confidently put this one down as a success!

Relive my run (Cullybackey Cosy Sofa)
Relive my run (Run home from Cullybackey)


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