Cullybackey Cosy Sofa wk2

Because I like to document every run I do I suppose tonight’s outing warrants at least a brief mention.

I made my way to Cullybackey for the first run of week two of the club Cosy Sofa to 5k programme. I love supporting this initiative because so many of us come through it on our way to developing a running ‘career’ so if I can help then I will.

I had to work a little this evening so my original plans were to run the 4.5 miles to Cullybackey, do the C25K session and then see if I could get a lift back home in time for work – the reverse of last week basically.

However, the heavy rain at around 5:15pm put me off running out. Not that rain deters me, but there was no point risking picking up bugs if I didn’t have to … so I got a lift to Cullybackey instead.

After the initial excitement of the launch night last week it was really good to see week two supported in such numbers by club members, and so many of those who are working through the programme turning up again.

Tonight’s run was three minutes running x3, with two minutes recovery walk in between each segment.

Along with Kim I ran tail for our group and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was pleased to see everyone ahead of us get through it without any noticeable issues. I remember when I followed the programme with the club, every week brought progression and a little worry beforehand so I hope those for whom this is all new will be encouraged by what they achieved tonight.

Afterwards Kim gave me a lift back into Ballymena, and I rounded off my evening with a run down the Toome Road towards home, just the thing to stretch my legs without putting any pressure on them. Not much distance covered tonight, but sometimes it’s just all about getting out there and keeping moving.

Relive my run


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