Norman Normal from Normalsville

Not really an awful lot to say about tonight’s run. A bog standard normal Monday night outing with Ballymena Runners.

I needed to get back reasonably sharpish so I decided just to go with the 30 minute group and then run the rest of the way home to bring me up to 5k, I didn’t have time to do the usual five miles but 5k is still a reasonable wee run.

All told it went pretty well. I ran well within myself, taking advantage of the chance to loosen my legs when it was available but also tucking into the pack for a bit of breather when I felt like it.

Route wise we headed down through the retail park, over Harryville Bridge, along the Larne Road then Wakehurst before turning right to go up Queen Street and back through the retail park again. All pretty relaxed really, no drama and no tantrums.

In other news, I confirmed my place in the Belfast City Half Marathon next month – and that means I’ll have to start following a regimented training plan fairly soon.

In fact, this weekend in Dublin is the perfect start to that.

I know I’m already mentally race ready having done quite a few recently but when it comes to working up to the distance again I’ll do around 7.5 miles this Sunday in Dublin and then increase my weekend long run by 1.5 miles per week so that by the time the race comes round on September 17th I’ll have prepared well. I’ll even have the luxury of a short taper!

Relive my run

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