Little by little

I really have been a lazy sod during June. An unwritten rule of mine was not to leave it any more than three days between runs, in fact three days was an absolute maximum.

Take March, for example, 12 runs in 31 days or 14 in 28 for February. Even last month I managed to keep the average under a run every three days ….. but this month only seven runs! What’s that all about? What’s wrong with me? What’s got into my head?

Is it any wonder I’ve been struggling lately? When I was going out more often I felt stronger and the runs felt better, more comfortable. I need and must get back to that.

So tonight’s run, my first on a Sunday since the Westminster Mile at the end of May. I’ve got out of the way of a Sunday run so tonight was really all about attempting to reestablish going out without worrying about the distance – and the idea is to increase on that week on week.

Setting off with no idea of a route or distance in mind I took to the dual carriageway towards Pennybridge as usual and thought I’d decide whereto after that. If I was doing a bog standard 5k I’d turn back after the first mile to follow my normal route but tonight I decided to carry on, settling on a loop around the industrial estate and then back towards the town centre before turning off for home.

It came to 3.74 miles, I wasn’t OCD enough tonight to round it off to 4 miles or even 6km – pretty rare for me!

The run wasn’t difficult energy wise, it was pleasing to record a relatively decent time again but it did hurt my calves a fair bit. They feel fine again writing this but at the time they burned up too quickly, something I’m pretty certain is related to my lack of activity.

So that’s going to change. Tomorrow night is club night – all being well I’ll do five miles, which will leave me 12 miles short of May’s total.

If I can then fit another run in before the end of the week I’ll bring that deficit down to single figures which won’t be too bad and will mean I’ll have salvaged something from June.

Relive my run


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