….. In with the new

fullsizerender-32So I kind of, sort of, tentatively, started my marathon training today. Maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t yet settled on a definite plan but seeing as this was my first run post-C25K I’m counting it.

It was also my first proper run in my new Asics. I set out intending to do at least a mile just to see how I got on with them. If it was a total disaster then at least I’d have done a mile and, if it was going ok, then I’d push on to do the full 30 minutes that I’d decided would be my maximum today.

I did 30 minutes.

Does that mean I got on ok with them? Largely, I suppose. My ankles and calves did burn up a little during the first 15-20 minutes but I wasn’t sure whether that was just me getting used to them, or because I was going faster than usual – a bit of both, I suspect, given my overall pace for the entire run.

I had done half-an-hour with Ballymena Runners on Tuesday night and half-an-hour today on my own and my pace today was 20 seconds per mile quicker – and given I’d done it in a brand new pair of trainers surely that’s pretty good. Right?

It was weird, though, because at times I felt I was going so slow that any passing motorist, out of their peripheral vision, would have been totally forgiven for thinking I was doing my own particular version of the Mannequin Challenge that all the cool (and not so cool) kids are doing these days!

The thoughts of that did amuse me, I must admit.

One interesting thing to consider is this – I was listening to Vassos Alexander’s audio book again whilst I was out and, rather decent of him, he was discussing running in new trainers and suggested that it would be advisable to do alternate runs in the old pair and new pair for a little while. That might be an option for me until I feel totally comfortable totally retiring the old faithfuls.

I’ll do another half-an-hour again this week, possibly parkrun in the morning, possibly not but I do want to get another one in my legs before taking the plunge in joining the club on Monday night.

There’s also a timed 5k in Belfast on Sunday, although it advertises itself as a race not a run so I’m wondering if it’ll be too fast for me ….. but it does come with the promise of a medal. Hmmmm ……..

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