Ballymena Runners 8.1

fullsizerender-28The end is nigh! We’ve reached week eight of the Ballymena Runners C25K programme and with it the end of the walking breaks.

That’s right, we’re into continuous running now which is quite a huge psychological hurdle if I was to dwell on it for any length of time.

Tonight was a straightforward 24 minute run. Nothing more, nothing less. Just running until time was up.

Guess what? I wasn’t up for it. I felt sick with nerves as per usual. But tonight seemed to be worse because I wasn’t feeling well on top of it.

I’d spent large parts of the day either dozing on the sofa or in bed, I had no energy, my eyes were burning and I was generally lacking in enthusiasm for anything really. I couldn’t get warmed up either, no matter how I tried.

Was it my Diabetes playing up (my levels were bang on the money though) or is it the onset of a cold? I guess the next few days will tell a tale.

But I’ve come this far so I wasn’t going to miss a session now. I went out, feeling extremely quiet and withdrawn, keeping myself very much to myself.

Off we set, and right from the beginning I found it quite difficult going. Not that the pace was any faster than normal but more because I just felt weak.

However, I did the full 24 minutes without stopping even though it was only really in the latter part of the run that I began to settle into it. Happily my left calf, which had been troubling me a bit over the past couple of days, reacted well without any noticeable side effects.

As before, I’ll need to do this once more and then again at parkrun on Saturday ….. assuming I haven’t been rendered immobile by the dreaded lurgy by then!

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