Batting away the Dementors

And so onto week two of Loch Ness Marathon training, the race that’s still on but probably won’t happen.

However, it’s necessary for me to focus on something to keep the Dementors away, and when the race is inevitably called off I’ll just move onto some other event until, eventually, something goes ahead and I’ll be ready for it.

So, as I said, week two or, basically, a carbon copy of week one – three 5k runs and a four miler to round things off.

Tonight was the first of those 5ks. It was also run three of week eight on my fast track through the C25K programme which meant a 27-minute run although, as before, the plan was to keep going until I hit the required distance.

After doing two 24-minute runs on Sunday I wasn’t particularly concerned about going for an extra three minutes. The big question was what I would do once I’d completed the C25K portion of tonight’s outing. Would I take a walk break, would I be focused enough to keep going?

In all honesty, I knew the answer before I even started. I wasn’t particularly in the mood for keeping going. The run itself was no problem, I felt ok for that, I just wasn’t in the right mindset for carrying on non-stop afterwards. I knew I’d want the walk break. The objective was reaching those 27-minutes, anything else wasn’t really a priority.

And make it to 27 I did. It wasn’t overly difficult. I kept it slow and methodical over the first mile but allowed myself to loosen my legs a little more in mile two.

That left me with a mile to go. It was along the dual carriageway therefore long, desolate, uninspiring … not exactly conducive to knuckling down and keeping focused, so I just plodded along just willing the corner for home to hurry up and get here. Obviously the quicker I’d run the sooner it’d arrive but I really couldn’t be bothered!

Still, job done. I can’t ask for any more than that really.

Relive my run

Playlist: Highway to Hell (AC/DC), Neighbourhood #1 (Arcade Fire), Ecuador (Sash!), Sunchyme (Dario G), Set You Free (N-Trance), Imagine (Emile Sande), Rise Up (Andra Day), This Is Me (Keala Settle), Bat Out of Hell (Meatloaf), Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey), I Like To Move It (Reel 2 Real), Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen)

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