Next stop: Dublin

So that’s me all done and dusted for Dublin on Sunday, my ‘big’ race of the year. It’ll be my fourth marathon (if you include the Shine Cancer Research Walk) but they don’t get any less daunting despite all I’ve done this year.

Tonight’s final run was week seven of the Kells Couch to 5k scheme organised by the club. This week it was 2×15 minute runs which was just the ticket for a little loosen up ahead of the weekend … nothing particularly taxing but also just about long enough to keep my legs ticking over nicely.

As ever, it was good to help, in some small way, those beginning their running journeys clock up another little milestone.

My legs felt fine, apart from the usual rustiness at the start of a run, but that passed the more I got into it. A slight niggle in my left leg but that’s always there, although I’ll make sure I have copious amounts of Deep Heat applied to it on Sunday so, in a way, feeling it tonight was a useful reminder.

All that remains now is to dig out my marathon packing list, see what potions I need and get everything ready for the rocky road to Dublin.

Relive my run

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