A night in Kells

Well, not exactly a night but maybe 90 minutes in total. However, baby needs a name and that’s as good a title for this entry as any!

I haven’t run much at all since Glasgow so with Thursday night being club Couch to 5k night in the nearby village of Kells I thought I’d go along just to loosen up.

I know I could easily have run on my own but committing to something like this plus the added benefit of the social side to it makes it that wee bit easier.

This was week five (I think) which meant a three minute run, two minute walk, eight minute run cycle repeated twice.

Not terribly taxing, and only a couple of miles covered, but it served the purpose of getting me out the door and running so that my legs don’t totally freak through inactivity on Sunday.

There’s not much else to say about it, but it felt good to get out and has reassured me my legs won’t drop off when I take to the starting line at the Royal Parks this weekend!

To be honest, I quite like the 3-2-8 sequence and I’m considering adopting it to start off with on Sunday just to get me warmed up before settling into my normal run.

Relive my run

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