Running up that hill

After a week of very little running I was back to club tonight for the regular Monday evening session.

I was supposed to go for a long run on Sunday (16 miles). I was prepared for it, I purchased some gels on Saturday evening, got my kit ready and even woke up on Sunday morning full prepared for it. Then I went back for a little nap and, whatever happened, I awoke in the midst of an anxiety attack.

Even though I would have had company for the run there was absolutely no way I could have done it, or at least it felt that way. So I didn’t do it, and spiralled deeper and deeper into myself throughout the day and night as a consequence. Running really is a mental thing for me.

So it was important I went to club tonight. As usual, it was the 30-minute group. That’s all I really have a desire to do – I always run there and back so I still get at least 45 minutes anyway. It’s a good start to the week. Perhaps once my race schedule eases I’ll step up but, for now, the 30s suits me fine.

Tonight was all about just easing myself back into running so I made a conscious effort to take it gently, deliberately hanging back with the tail runner.

That was, until, we turned onto Princes Street. Regular readers will know this is arguably the steepest short, sharp climb in the town centre and you’ll also know I simply cannot resist running up it as hard as I can.

I even said to the tail runner that if she saw me setting off to haul me back! I didn’t really want to sprint up it, this was meant to be an easy run.

So much for that idea. As soon as the road started to rise ever so slightly I was off like a whippet. Someone else ran with me this time so it was good to have company although she said was using me to pace her up the hill which meant I had to keep going … no pressure then! It was fun, though, even if my legs and lungs didn’t thank me at the end!

After that I took the rest of the run easy again. I had tackled Princes Street to the best of my ability, that was enough for me for one night.

It felt good to be back again, four miles tonight. Hopefully that’ll carry me forward into the rest of the week with the Belfast Half Marathon at the end of it.

Relive my run

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