Achy, creaky recovery

After every long run comes an uncomfortable recovery … and this was no different.

My poor body felt every last one of it’s 47 years following yesterday’s epic adventure but I knew that a short run today was essential to my recovery.

It was on my training plan so I was always going to do it, but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

There was the added hurdle of there being no official club meeting on this evening because of the Bank Holiday. There are always unofficial sessions so I would have gone along to see who turned up, what groups were going out etc.

Thankfully, however, Iverene messaged earlier asking if anyone wanted to join her on her own recovery run so I jumped at the chance for a bit of company, that’s always much better than running on your own, especially when you knew it was going to be a tough run.

With only 5k in mind we went to the local parkrun course. My legs felt heavy, stiff and creaky but I knew this would pass the longer I ran, that’s the point of recovery after all.

We took it really easy, even though we did go faster than was necessary on quite a few occasions. When that happened we slowed it down but, invariably, our speed crept back up again. Over the last half-a-mile or so we just stepped it up a gear, which felt good.

It did get better, it did feel easier and, by the end of it, most of my niggles had eased. Another successful recovery, and another week of running kicked off on a positive note.

Relive my run

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