Apologies to anyone who doesn’t understand the Ballymena lingo, but it was lashin’ down tonight!

This entry can probably best be summed up in a few words … Monday. Rain. Warm-up mile. More rain. Club. Even more rain.

I think you get the message. It was a tad damp.

But it was great. Because we’re in the middle of a seemingly never-ending summer I haven’t run in rain for a while. A light drizzle, maybe, but nothing like this. This was proper ‘soak you right through’ rain. I was wringing by the time I got to club.

My t-shirt was clinging to me, and probably revealing more than I would have liked and definitely more than anyone else deserved to have inflicted upon them!

The run itself was grand. The warm-up mile was amongst my quickest yet, but probably a desire to get out of the rain caused that. It didn’t even feel tough for a change, which was a nice surprise.

A few of us went with the 30s as part of the recovery from Saturday’s race. I felt good, experiencing absolutely no ill-effects in my legs but, after a mile, I decided to drop back into the bunch and take it easier.

Not that I was struggling or anything like that, it was just a case of self preservation. My legs felt good so there was no point risking burn out especially with another three days running ahead of me before my next rest day on Friday.

A decent enough little outing.

Relive my run

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