Routinely routine

It’s Monday, that means the weekly club run and just another day at the ‘office’.

With half marathon #10 awaiting me at the weekend this was a night for just taking it easy.

As usual, I ran to the leisure centre. I actually found this fairly draining, but then I always do because I’m just getting warmed up. It didn’t help that it was a very clammy evening, I arrived dripping with sweat and I had only ran for a mile!

And again, as is the norm, I ran with the 30s. I really shouldn’t feel the need to justify myself again but I will. It’s a quite deliberate decision to go with the 30s. I’m treating these club runs as ‘easy’, so I want to be in control of my own pace and not have it dictated to me to an extent by the other groups.

At the risk of being pompous, I know I won’t be the slowest in the 30s whereas I could well be if I stepped up so this group gives me the luxury of just running my run and setting my own pace.

Tonight I had no desire to push myself or anything like that, so I just ran in the middle of what proved to be a rather large pack, not even taking advantage of the several opportunities to stretch my legs which is unusual for me.

I wanted gentle, and I got gentle. It’s my last ‘easy’ run ahead of Saturday so I wanted to take advantage of it. I have two further sessions this week, but both of them are speed work which I know will test me. Tonight’s four miles just kept me ticking over.

Relive my run



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