Spinning in the rain

Sometimes I’m too easily amused. Perhaps that’s symptomatic of a vacant mind but, on occasion, the pictures I ‘draw’ when out running make me smile. I’ve been known to doodle a pistol, and, quite accidentally, the occasional phallic symbol (!) but today’s effort was perhaps my most complex and impressive ‘work’ so far.

Take a look at it, maybe tilt your head a little and, if you need a little extra help, look at the Relive video. It’s a spin bike, isn’t it? Tell me I’m not the only one to see it. Maybe I’ve finally lost it.

Anyway, yeah, running … that’s the point of this blog, isn’t it?

I had help with today’s ‘picture’. Bronagh got in touch to say she was available all day and whilst I wasn’t really feeling like going out I was glad she did because otherwise I most likely wouldn’t have bothered.

We decided to go out to Broughshane and basically just see whereabouts we ended up. Parking at Houston’s Mill we spotted the Buttermilk Bridge Riverside Path across the road so went down there and pretty soon hadn’t much of a clue where we were!

But it was nice, scenic and very wet. Yep, it was raining. Lovely, wonderful, cooling rain. Oh, how I missed you!

I wanted a gentle run so, with that in mind, went back to heart rate zone running and it felt pretty good. A quiet Sunday morning through the Village of the Year (according to a Channel 4 competition earlier this year) with the only sound being our breathing and squelch squelch squelch of my trainers. Oops.

With no route in mind we just ran along the riverside path, up and down various cul-de-sacs and generally just seeing where this road would take us, and then the next and so on …. 45 minutes, 3.6 miles – not fast, but just enough to keep the legs ticking over.

Relive my run

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