Happy Happy Joy Joy

Sometimes it’s an absolute joy to get out and run.

After not attending club last night – it was a rest day because I have two half marathon’s this week – I was keen to get going today.

My plan suggested a 40-minute easy run ahead of my first half on Wednesday evening. I was joined by Bronagh, who is continuing her return to running, so I knew it was going to be an enjoyable outing anyway, but her company would keep my mind distracted when my legs would inevitably try to convince it stop.

We had always planned to go out today, but with no set time in mind. It wasn’t raining but a quick look at the forecast gave rain for the rest of the day so a quick ‘meet you in 20 minutes’ and we were off.

As soon as we did it started raining. Typical.

But that was ok. I actually quite enjoyed it. I don’t mind running in the rain. I don’t like going out in it but once I’m out I’m grand.

Because it was only going to be 40 minutes, and an easy 40 at that, I plotted a 3-mile something route which basically took us to the industrial estate in the opposite direction before going along the dual carriageway and back to the start.

It offered a steady climb to begin with, not a massive one by any stretch of the imagination but a gradual rise for the first mile before dropping a bit followed by another wee incline, good practice for tomorrow night I thought.

Having company on a run is such a boon. Completed at conversational pace, we had done the first mile before I even realised, and then the second came in around half-a-minute quicker but it still felt really comfortable. And I barely noticed the steady rain, except to note that it was so pleasant to run in compared to the recent heat.

As I said at the outset, this was simply a joy of a run. No mind games, no niggles, just a pleasant jaunt with a friend. Hard to beat, and it has put me in the right place mentally for tomorrow night. Thanks Bronagh!

Relive my run

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